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Where to buy or hire

No matter whether you are hiring or buying a Nordic tipi from a rental centre or a retailer in our network, you can be sure of receiving enthusiastic and expert help from each of our specialists.

Official Tentipi® Shops always keep products in stock and are specialists in our Adventure products. Here you can read more about the Adventure range.

At our retailers for the Event and Classic ranges, all of whom have undergone training on our products, you can buy our event Nordic tipis and accessories. Here you can read more about the Event and Classic ranges.

Tentipi® Official Rentals are run by selected companies that rent out our Event and Classic Nordic tipis and build up constellations of tents for corporate events, parties, weddings and festivals. These companies have undergone special training in order to be able to erect and link together the Event Nordic tipis in a safe and reliable way. For inspiration, read our Hire brochure