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Heating and lighting

Warmth and cosy atmosphere — in any weather

Eldfell — stoves for Nordic tipis

Get rid of damp and cold, create a warm, cosy atmosphere, dry clothes, cook food basically, enjoy your home comforts!...

  • Everything fits inside the combustion chamber
  • Low weight
  • Cooking facility
  • Very safe
  • Stands on snow
  • Takes long, thick logs
  • No loose small parts
  • Efficient combustion

Hekla fire boxes

The fire box gives off plenty of heat with very little smoke. Makes it easy to grill, cook, or just enjoy the heat and light! Its clever design means that it takes up very little space when packed.

Normally, when you make a fire direct on the ground, a bed of coals builds up quickly. Wood stumps ro...

HeatPal 5100

Provides warmth and heats food. No leaks, no pump, no explosion risk, starts instantly. Use methylated spirits. 1.5 kW. Burns for about 5 hours on a full tank at full power.

Often a much better alternative for the Nordic tipi than a wood stove! Don’t forget:

Burns without supervision thr......

Finnmark fireplace

Even complicated meals are easy to make using the Finnmark fireplace. Three swing arms (A) for pots and pans can be easily moved over the fire for cooking or warming. Muurikka 100 can be placed on the three corner posts (B). Muurikka 48 and 58 can be placed on the special swing-arm ring (C) and posi...

Bamse fireplaces

Rustic and sturdy fireplaces styled for use in our Event Nordic tipis or other outdoor use. Very practical while also providing the right atmosphere — a must for successful get-togethers....

Propane heater

Propane equipment is delivered with Norwegian/Swedish ‘industry-coupling’ as standard.

Other countries may require a different coupling....

Paraffin lamp

Very durable and stable lamp which shines brightly with no flickering flame. Does not give off soot. Made of heat-resistant glass: extremely wind-safe, does not leak and has no sharp edges.

Tank capacity: 3.4 dl. Burning time: 20 hours. Wick: 130x5 mm. Brightness: 3.5 cd....

Fire lighting

Never go to sleep with a paraffin lamp, camp stove or open fire burning!