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Intellectual property

The designs of Tentipi® products (tents and accessories) are protected around the world by patents, registered designs and copyrights.

Tentipi® Classic — wooden-pole Nordic tipis

Enjoy being different — with Tentipi®!

Make a statement and entertain or shelter in romantic style, whatever the weather. Classic Nordic tipis that seat 18–68.

Tentipi® Classic Nordic tipis are loved by people who want to recapture the romantic nomadic lifestyle at home; to entertain under canvas — or simply have a garden gazebo with an open fire.

Our Classic Nordic tipis resonate with stylish people everywhere because of their difference, their atmosphere and their link with a simpler, bygone age. They are based on the traditional dwellings of the Sami people and the tepees of north American Indians. It’s a design we’ve brought up to date sympathetically with 21st century technology — keeping the most elemental features of the original. You can still relax round a blazing log fire, encircled by solid, wooden poles. This is what makes the Tentipi® design so comforting, companionable and appealing.

Tourism companies favour them for trip stops and warm shelters. Business and community leaders like them for festivals and private functions in their own grounds. Classic Nordic tipis are versatile and eyecatching, too — they make great advertising.

These Classic Nordic tipis are ideal for festivals, club functions, private garden parties, barbecues, or business events, sporting occasions and tourist centres. Relive the outdoor lifestyle in an authentic nomadic setting.

You can use our Classic Nordic tipis all year round — but you should always remove snow from around them.


Fabric — thick, tough, breathable, water-repellent cotton/polyester mix. It’s far more durable than simple, cheap cotton fabric. But it still lets the light glow warmly through and it breathes to ensure a pleasant atmosphere and less condensation. At the bottom edge the canvas is reinforced with 50 cm of tear-resistant polyamide. Flame-retardant fabric is available if required by the authorities.

Poles — these are timber poles of world-beating quality. They are immensely strong, yet very manageable during erection. This is because they are made from the best possible material — extremely late-maturing, de-barked spruce that is lighter than pine. For example the poles for Cirrus 72 are made from trees of up to 150 years old. The annual rings are often so tight they almost touch. Consequently, the poles not only have huge load-bearing strength, this density also makes them highly durable and rot-resistant.


You can put up Classic, wooden-pole Nordic tipis quickly without a ladder! When the canvas is tied to its poles you simply sweep it around the framework!

Draughts are prevented by the unique Tentipi® door construction.

The ventilator cap is weighted to keep it from blowing up, and you can adjust it from ground level.

Tent peg catches have steel ring reinforcements.

It’s a different way to entertain medium-sized groups.