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Intellectual property

The designs of Tentipi® products (tents and accessories) are protected around the world by patents, registered designs and copyrights.

Tentipi® Adventure — single-pole Nordic tipis

From your garden to Siberia — with Tentipi®

Flugfiske på Kolahalvön med Loop Tackle.
Key features
  • Fellowship
  • Headroom
  • Superb ventilation
  • Stove or open fire
  • Multifunctional
  • 5 minutes to erect
  • All-round safety

The adventure starts here…

Outdoors adventure means confronting the elements, earth, air, water, fire. This is why we call these tents our Adventure range. How better can you explore the earth, defy wind and rain, shelter from cold, sun, snow and insects — and share the elemental comfort of an open fire?

Trekking, motoring, cycling, climbing, fishing, family camping — whatever the outdoors calls you to do, you can do it in comfort and style with a Tentipi® Adventure Nordic tipi. And you can have a warm, cosy fire to sit round at the end of the day. These tents are an epoch-making advance — they combine the portability and stormproof qualities of today’s lightweight tents with the comfort and homely feeling of the traditional Sami dwellings. And they are so manageable; they weigh from only 3.5 kg for 6 people! It’s a rare and valuable combination, and this is why we have named them after some of the earth’s most rare and precious materials.

Tentipi® Nordic tipis let you embrace the elements

The elements can really dampen your enjoyment of an outdoor life, and they can even be a danger to life. When choosing your outdoor equipment, it’s often a matter of protecting yourself from the elements.

Tentipi takes you further and lets you embrace the elements. Our Nordic tipis can be used in...


For extreme expeditions, challenging trekking, or a multitude of different outdoor activities — this is the world’s most versatile tent for people who need the maximum performance and flexibility. You can choose either lightweight or breathable cotton/polyester fabric. It has a patented In-Tent...

  • 3 minutes to erect
  • Standing room
  • Class-leading storm resistance
  • Mosquito protection even without inner-tent
  • Use with open fire or stove
  • Use on its own or with any model of floor or inner-tent
  • Best quality fabrics. It is the relentless pursuit of the best fabric — chosen for performance not price — that puts Safir in a class of its own. The focus is especially on all aspects of fabric strength, water repellency, the feel of the fabric, and colour fastness
  • Clever ventilation with patented In-Tent Vent™ system
  • Ventilator cap: double piece with six opening points, controllable from inside the tent; integral chimney opening; mosquito protection to top piece; tighter fitting by use of fibreglass spacer rods
  • 3 rain-protected, mosquito-netted air intakes at bottom edge of tent for optimum ventilation and smoke control
  • Door: double-zip with integral mosquito protection
  • Mosquito protection sewn in to top edge of tent
  • Storm cords: pre-tied and fitted with holders
  • Enhanced floor fitting with toggle and ring arrangement
  • Reinforced edging for better wear resistance around bottom edge of tent
  • Advanced compression bag for tighter packing
  • Hanging loop for drying
  • Cosy togetherness


Bright and roomy, with lightweight fabric or breathable cotton/polyester fabric.

Patented In-Tent Vent™ system included.......

  • Advanced materials
  • Top-scoring storm resistance
  • Clever ventilation with patented In-Tent Vent™ system
  • Mosquito protection even without inner-tent
  • Reinforced edging
  • Open fire or stove
  • 3 minutes to erect
  • Cosy togetherness


Like our popular Zirkon 15 cp in all respects. The walls can be raised in different ways which means Zirkonflex is an extra spacious, flexible and easy-to-use communal tent with optimal protection in all kinds of weather.......

  • Triangular expansion panels that enable the walls of the tent to be raised
  • Zippers that hide the triangular expansion panels when they are not being used
  • Adjustable aluminium poles that keep the raised walls up
  • The possibility of creating a 50 square metre covered area

Can also be used as an ordinary Zirkon 15 cp with the following features:

    • Exceptional comfort and homeliness
    • Erected in 5 minutes
    • Standing headroom
    • Excellent materials
    • Class-leading storm resistance (when all walls are down)
    • Use with open fire or stove
    • Use on its own or with a floor
    • Door: double zips and integrated mosquito net
    • Large smoke/ventilation opening at the top
    • Ventilator cap: patented, advanced In-Tent Vent™ system; double piece with six opening points, controllable from inside the tent; integrated chimney opening; mosquito net in upper part; tighter seal thanks to fibreglass rods
    • Mosquito net ceiling: allows good ventilation while protecting against mosquitos
    • Ground tensioners: strong straps fitted with metal buckles and metal stake rings; attached to tent panels via broad fabric webs to reduce stress points; adaptable for use on snow
    • Enhanced floor fitting with toggle and ring arrangement
    • Ready for use with a floor via adjustable floor tensioners
    • Reinforced edging for better wear resistance around bottom edge of tent
    • One large, rain-protected, mosquito-netted air intake at bottom edge of tent for improved ventilation and smoke control
    • Many fastenings for attaching accessories
    • Storm cords: pre-tied and fitted with holders
    • Hanging loop for drying
    • Advanced compression bag for tighter packing


    Solid, dependable performance. Simplified patented In-Tent Vent™ system included.......

    • Reliable materials
    • Comfortable
    • Simplified patented In-Tent Vent™ system
    • Open fire or stove
    • 3 minutes to erect
    • Cosy togetherness 


    A strong, spacious and ingenious tent. Many smart features have been taken from or been inspired by our larger Nordic tipis.......

    • The tent sleeps two people plus a dog and has room for four people to sit and socialise.
    • All equipment is stored “indoors”.
    • Our In-Tent Vent™ ventilation system in the apex provides natural ventilation on hot mornings and days. It’s easy to regulate from inside, even from the sleeping bag!
    • Storm cord holders prevent cords from tangling.
    • Built-in, foldaway snowflap makes the tent suitable for use in any season.
    • Smoke chimney on microstove can be led out through the apex of the outer tent.
    • In general, it’s much more durable than a two-man tent where priority has been given to low weight.
    • It has no bow that can break. The central pole can be easily repaired out in nature or replaced by a wooden pole.
    • The tent is tensioned with straps instead of cords; storm cords are generally not needed.
    • It’s exceptionally stable in strong winds.
    • In an emergency, a small open fire can be lit inside the tent.

    Which is the right tent for you?

    All these tents are light, stable in wind, extremely comfortable and let you have an open fire. All you have to do is select the size, price and performance that is right for you. We’re sure you’ll find it within the Tentipi® Adventure range. ......

    Crucial features

    A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. The same thing applies to factors that affect safety, strength and ventilation. ......

    Adventure accessories

    Adventure fabrics

    The perfect tent fabric would be weightless, let all condensation pass through, be completely waterproof and super-strong.

    Of course, such a fabric will never be made.

    Different tent manufacturers use many different tent fabrics. Often the fabrics look alike when they are new, but the diffe...

    Product data sheets

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    Tent reviews

    On this page, you can find out more about our tents by reading reviews. There is also a summary about the problems attached to testing. We hope that this will give a deeper understanding of how difficult it actually is to test products and how easy it is to be deceived by test results. Our aim is to...


    Here you will find important information about safety aspects to be considered when you use our products....

    Why choose a Tentipi® Adventure Nordic tipi?

    • Because you want the luxuries of space, standing height, outstanding ventilation and an open fire or a stove.
    • Because you want cosy togetherness and comfort in all kinds of weather. Most lightweight tents are mainly shelters. But you can live in a Tentipi® Adventure Nordic tipi!
    • Because you don’t want to compromise on factors like weight, safety, and easy handling.
    • Because they are easy to erect — one person can do it in 5 minutes or less, even in windy conditions. Adjustable tent peg catches make it easy in snow or sand, and storm cord holders stop the cords from getting tangled.
    • Because they are so versatile. You can use a Tentipi® Adventure Nordic tipi for a ten-month trek across Siberia, to entertain your children in the garden, for holidays and for weekends in the country; people do. Tentipi® Adventure Nordic tipis are light enough to take up a mountain, yet spacious enough to sleep up to 16 people.

    All-round better performance

    Tentipi® Adventure Nordic tipis score top marks for versatility, quality of materials, safety, comfort, manageability, and protection against heat, cold, rain and condensation. You can choose from different levels of performance to match your lifestyle and budget. Take a look at the top of the range Safir cp; the Safir light (up to 6 kgs lighter); the simpler, breathable Onyx cp; the eye-catching Zirkon, and the Zirkon 15 cp for groups of up to 35 people.

    Important considerations

    Ask yourself these vital questions when you’re comparing tents:

    • Will one tent meet all my needs?
    • Can I have an open fire or a stove, and is there a good size smoke opening?
    • Has the fabric got a reinforced edging?
    • Is the protection chain unbroken to keep out mosquitoes and ants?
    • Can you control the ventilator cap from inside without leaving your sleeping bag?
    • Are there large ventilator openings and air intakes to keep you comfortable all the time?
    • What about the weight? Does the quoted weight include fabric, ventilator cap, packing bag, pole and pegs?
    • If you are using a stove, is there plenty of insulation between chimney and fabric?
    • Are there enough optional accessories (and are they of the same quality as the tent)?

    You’ll find that the Tentipi® Adventure Nordic tipi range comes out top.

    Better in the wind

    Tentipi® Adventure Nordic tipis have a big advantage in the wind because they have a symmetrical shape with a low centre of gravity. This keeps the tents stable when the wind gusts. Most of the tent area that’s under wind pressure is near the ground, where the wind speed is lower. Only a small, slim area projects higher than other tents. This means that Tentipi® Adventure Nordic tipis are actually more secure in high and gusty winds than most other tent designs.

    Why should you buy?

    You should be thinking of buying a Tentipi® Adventure Nordic tipi if any of these apply to you:

    • You like the idea of sitting cosily round an open fire without being disturbed by mosquitoes, rain or draughts
    • You are looking for a tent that is more than just a place to sleep or just a shelter when the weather is inclement
    • You are a family with small children
    • You want comfortable camping without a caravan
    • You enjoy motorcycle touring
    • You’re a rock climber
    • You’re a canoeist
    • You need first-class tent accommodation for youth groups, scouts and clubs

    Tentipi® Adventure Nordic tipis are designed for year-round use, but, as with all tents, you must clean snow from them continuously to maintain their design performance.

    When using an open fire, please respect local restrictions.


    This lightweight tent design has a five-piece, triple-strength alloy pole, and uses the very best of 21st century material technology. As a result you have all-weather performance, supported by powerful ground straps, the strongest storm cord fastenings in the tent market, and tent pegs of super-hardened aluminium. Most importantly, you have choice of fabrics to match your needs and budget.

    If you want to cross Antarctica, survey a glacier or trek in the High Atlas you can have the best possible materials on the planet to match your extreme requirements. If your plans are less demanding but you still want strength and durability allied to light weight, we have the materials for this, too. The Tentipi company is based near the Arctic Circle. In winter, it can be -45 °C, and +30 °C in summer. We’re surrounded by mountains, swamps, rivers and forests.

    We understand the elements, and we respect them. We understand the widest range of outdoor lifestyles, and we satisfy them.


    Many other tent designs use a wall-connected framework that can crack in strong winds or if people stumble into it. We avoid these risks. Our Nordic tipis have a central pole that lifts up the top of the tent. Every seam in the fabric then contributes to a strong but still flexible framework when the fabric is secured to the tent pegs. Normally, the worst thing that can happen is that a tent peg comes loose. And that is much easier to fix than a broken pole in a dome tent.

    All our single-pole Nordic tipis are designed so that you can sit round an open fire inside. Even the smallest lightweight ones let you do this. They have much better ventilation than you find in other tents. Better still, in most models, this ventilation has a patented In-Tent Vent™ system so that the top ventilator opening can be adjusted for size and direction from inside the tent. Convenience is a priority. The adjustable tent peg catches also make all the Tentipi® Adventure Nordic tipis easy to use in snow or sand.

    What mainly distinguishes our different styles from each other is the type of materials, and the details. These affect the weight, comfort, lifespan and price. Our aim is to give you the choice of price and performance that you need.

    Make your choice. All these tents are light, stable in wind, extremely comfortable and let you have an open fire. All you have to do is select the size, price and performance that is right for you. We’re sure you’ll find it within the Tentipi® Adventure range.