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A Tentipi® Nordic tipi lets you embrace the elements like no other tent

We embrace adventure. People who lead adventurous lives, people who want an event that’s an experience — these are the people we seek to serve. This is why our tents evoke the spirit of legendary nomadic cultures that defied the elements. It is why Tentipi® is so much more than a tent. It celebrates an adventurous way of life.

This is our philosophy at Tentipi

Tentipi® Adventure — single-pole Nordic tipis

The adventure starts here…

Outdoors adventure means confronting the elements, earth, air, water, fire. This is why we call these tents our Adventure range. How better can you explore the earth, defy wind and rain, shelter from cold, sun, snow and insects — and share the elemental comfort...

  • Fellowship
  • Headroom
  • Superb ventilation
  • Stove or open fire
  • Multifunctional
  • 5 minutes to erect
  • All-round safety

Tentipi® Classic — wooden-pole Nordic tipis

Make a statement and entertain or shelter in romantic style, whatever the weather. Classic Nordic tipis that seat 18–68....

Tentipi® Event — large Nordic tipis

Atmospheric, spacious, flexible and, above all, different. These are Nordic tipis with many charming traditional features that have been modernised in capacities that suit everything from family celebrations to events for thousands. The patented fixing system makes these Nordic tipis both stable and...

Heating and lighting

Furniture and reindeer hides

Coffee pots

Activities equipment


This page will be completed latest 31 March....

Spare parts and fittings

Chemicals and repairs

Design philosophy and quality

There’s a lot of talk about quality, about individual specifications or properties which are supposed to guarantee that a certain product is the best. We believe there are four important components which, when put together, make the final result something really special. These are: ambition, insig...

Materials and quality

Two of the most important factors for consistently good quality are choosing the right materials and then testing the materials that come to the factory before they are used in manufacture. We have often found that the established testing methods have nothing to do with reality. Basically, they are ...

Embrace the elements

Tentipi® Nordic Tipis let you embrace the elements like no other tents. At the same time, they protect you from the elements like no other tents.

No one offers such stability, high performance fabrics, time-saving features and versatility. And who else lets you have the elemental comfort of an open fire inside your tent?

These are what makes it so much more convenient and comfortable to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle with Tentipi®. You are sheltered so well from the wind, rain, snow, cold, sun and insects.

And this is why our tents are named after such stirring examples of the natural elements.

Look at our sky-wide ‘Nimbus’, ‘Cirrus’ and ‘Stratus’ Event tents; our Classic Nordic tipis, named after ‘Granit’, a building material that’s been a classic for 5,000 years — and the ‘Safir’, ‘Zirkon’ and ‘Onyx’, our prestigious Adventure Nordic tipis, named after minerals whose toughness was forged over four billion years ago by the elemental forces of a cooling earth.