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Green River, Utah, USA.

About us

We are a tent-manufacturing company whose roots are to be found deep in the soil of Lapland and the strong tradition of being close to nature that is manifest up here in northern Sweden. This cultural heritage is something that is evident in all our products.

Ever since the company started up in th...

The origins and influences behind the Nordic tipi brand

In this video, you’ll see what makes our Nordic tipis so different to other designs. Inspired by the vision of the company’s founder and CEO, Bengt Grahn, Tentipi gives an all-year-round camping experience, with materials, manufactu......

Tentipi... how it all started

That year, just like every other year, the determined rays of the spring sun had transformed frozen shapes into playful, dancing water. Life, barely evident during the cold winter months, had now re-appeared in nature with an explosive force. This was a great time for the youngsters. High water leve...

Tentipi today

Over the years, the sphere in which Tentipi works has widened more and more. Now our Nordic tipis are sold all over the world but in order to retain the soul of our products, product strategy planning and development work are still done in Moskosel. In this tiny Lapland village with just over 200 in...

Tentipi and the future

When it comes to portable tents, we know that Tentipi offers the most versatile tent on the market. Our Nordic tipis withstand the toughest weather conditions and cope extremely well in any season and climate thanks to their shape and the unique possibility of having a fire inside the tent.

The fir...

Sami heritage

The history behind our Nordic tipis

The Sami kata and the Indian teepee are in principle the same solution for living close to nature. A simple cone-shaped frame of wooden poles was covered with animal hides, with an opening at the top to let out smoke. Very quickly the nomadic reindeer her......

Tentipi’s responsibility

Responsibility has always been a guiding-star for us at Tentipi, regarding both business contacts and in other contexts. We believe that as a company, we must take responsibility for our environment, for our fellowmen and for the future which we are all shaping. Moreover, as a company we have great ...

Tentipi Adventures

Photo: Taunton Leisure

For a number of years, Tentipi have organized an event called Tentipi Adventure which consists of a few adventure-packed days in the late winter months when snow and cold still have a firm grip on this region up here around the Arctic Circle.The participants are t......

We are a tent-manufacturing company whose roots are to be found deep in the soil of Lapland and the strong tradition of being close to nature that is manifest up here in northern Sweden. This cultural heritage is something that is evident in all our products.

Ever since the company started up in the spring of 1989, we have felt that our mission is to provide adventurous and fun-loving people with tents and accessories of unique design and quality. Our tents offer safe protection while also being spacious and comfortable. Their circular shape means they naturally create the special atmosphere of well-being and togetherness that arises around a campfire.

The basic design of our Nordic tipis is an inheritance from all the nomadic peoples who from time immemorial have lived in harmony with the elements of nature, using a “kata” for protection and as a home.

Our modernized versions are tents which are suitable for any situation imaginable: from a barbecue party in the garden to the toughest expeditions; from an outdoor classroom to functions for thousands of people. Flexibility is built into the design, so to speak, as is volume, superior ventilation and the possibility of having an open fire or stove inside the tent.

It is not just a question of the tent itself — our Nordic tipis also communicate a lifestyle. It is our mission to continue to meet and preferably surpass modern man’s demands regarding tent equipment. It is also our mission to help to fulfil our need of togetherness, freedom and meaning.

Being able to feel the links to our past and our inheritance, being outdoors in the bosom of nature, confronting the elements — this can give us access to those deeper values in life.

We have invested for the future with our wholly-owned production unit in China.

Here we can implement the quality control which is essential for a product that is striving to be seen as one of the best on the market.

Here we work in close collaboration with a testing institute in order to make sure that our materials are always of the high quality we insist on.

Here we have skilled seamstresses and others who sew and assemble our products.

Here we have set up a rain test room where we can shower the whole tent so that you as a user will not have any unpleasant surprises.

In order to retain the soul in our products, all development and innovation work still takes place in Moskosel. Here we stand firmly on Arctic soil with the bountifulness of Lapland nature around us.

Through our products we are taking the inheritance of our nomadic forefathers into the future and we want to do so in a responsible way. As a business, we want to contribute to sustainable development and we approach this task with the same enthusiasm and pleasure we feel when designing and making high-quality products.

Through our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) efforts, we want to bring our business operations and our social responsibility together to make a harmonious whole. By doing so we are convinced that we are helping to make it possible for the children of the future to also be able to enjoy the diversity and beauty of nature.

Our unique design together with our striving to always have top quality products and services have resulted in innumerable words of praise from our users and rapidly growing interest in our tents.

Welcome to Tentipi!